Root Canals

We Can Help Stop the Pain with Root Canal Treatment

Is tooth pain making it difficult to bite down?

When a tooth becomes infected or decays, it puts the health of your mouth at risk. This infection affects the pulp of the tooth, which reaches down to the roots beneath the gums and into the jaw bone. Without treatment, bacteria can spread to other healthy teeth. To help relieve you of pain and save the tooth from extraction, Dr. Anna Weber offers root canals.

What is a Root Canal?

The purpose of a root canal is to clean the pulp from inside of the tooth to remove infection-causing bacteria. We start by numbing the tooth to clean and disinfect it thoroughly. A filling or crown is then often used to cover and protect the tooth. For patients who experience dental fear, we can offer sedation dentistry during this procedure. Having a root canal as early as possible can help prevent further damage in the future, which also helps to keep costs at a minimum.

Benefits of a Root Canal

  • Restores the Health of the Tooth
  • Can Save Your Natural Tooth from Extraction
  • Relieves Pain and Discomfort
  • Protects Other Healthy Teeth from Disease

Reasons for a Root Canal

  • Tooth’s Nerve Tissue or Pulp is Damaged
  • There is an Abscess from Infection
  • Bone Loss Around the Tooth
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